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Advanced Genomic Data Mining
Analyzing ChIP-chip Data Using Bioconductor
An Introduction to Bioinformatics for Glycomics Research
An Introduction to Biomolecular Graphics
A Primer on Learning in Bayesian Networks for Computational Biology
A Primer on Python for Life Science Researchers
A Primer on Regression Methods for Decoding cis- Regulatory Logic
A Quick Guide for Computer-Assisted Instruction in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
A Quick Guide for Developing Effective Bioinformatics Programming Skills
A Quick Guide to Large-Scale Genomic Data Mining
A Quick Guide to Organizing Computational Biology Projects
A Quick Guide to Teaching R Programming to Computational Biology Students
Automated Querying of Genome Databases
Biomedical Text Mining and Its Applications
Comprehensive Analysis of Affymetrix Exon Arrays Using BioConductor
Deciphering Protein–Protein Interactions. Part I. Experimental Techniques and Databases
Deciphering Protein–Protein Interactions. Part II. Computational Methods to Predict Protein and Domain Interaction Partners
From Pathways Databases to Network Models of Switching Behavior
Functional Classification Using Phylogenomic Inference
How to Understand the Cell by Breaking It: Network Analysis of Gene Perturbation Screens
Introduction to Computational Proteomics
Introduction to the Quantitative Analysis of Two- Dimensional Fluorescence Microscopy Images for Cell- Based Screening
Machine Learning and Its Applications to Biology
Making Informed Choices about Microarray Data Analysis
Modularity and Dynamics of Cellular Networks
Pathway Analysis of Expression Data: Deciphering Functional Building Blocks of Complex Diseases
Pattern Recognition Software and Techniques for Biological Image Analysis
Practical Strategies for Discovering Regulatory DNA Sequence Motifs
Recent Evolutions of Multiple Sequence Alignment Algorithms
Strategies for Identifying RNA Splicing Regulatory Motifs and Predicting Alternative Splicing Events
Structure-Guided Comparative Analysis of Proteins: Principles, Tools, and Applications for Predicting Function
Support Vector Machines and Kernels for Computational Biology
The Rough Guide to In Silico Function Prediction, or How To Use Sequence and Structure Information To Predict Protein Function